The bachelor program in Early Childhood Education prepares students to become preschool/kindergarten teachers and childcare professionals, and to work within related agencies, children’s services or schools. ECE emphasizes the application of knowledge and resources to promote positive development and expand children’s potential as well as the importance of diversity, inclusiveness, and social justice. Our department takes an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge development and application.
ECE at Chung-Ang University has been ranked, nationally, Top for Early Childhood Education in various Korean and
international institutional evaluations such as the Jung-Ang Daily and the Times Higher Education Ranks. Our reputation has been built and maintained based on the centennial tradition, the first-class faculty members, strong alumni, and
proud students.
If you want to help young children and their families lead better, and to be a world-class teacher of ECE, a degree in our program may be your ideal adventure!

Our Undergraduate Program

Our Early Childhood Education-United program leads to a national ECE teacher license that will allow you to teach children from birth through third grade in general education as well as the Child Care Service Provider license. This ECE-unified program prepares you to help all children reach their potential, regardless of their abilities.

Our Graduate Program

The Department of Early Childhood Education provides master and doctorate programs at graduate school of CAU. Also, we operates an educational master program at educational graduate school of CAU. All of the programs require a thesis or dissertation for graduation.

Educational Mission

The ultimate goal of the Early Childhood Education Department of Chung-Ang is to make professional early childhood teachers and early childhood educators who contribute themselves to produce future people of talent and to develop early childhood education. Early Childhood is the start of all development and life. We educate pre-service teachers to know how to educate young children who are at the most important age of their life and to love young children with their heart. We try continuously for development of early childhood education of our nation with passion at any position.
We, early childhood educators of Chung-Ang University, will make a world where every child is happy.

Educational Objectives

We are to improve the quality of early childhood education of our nation by developing an individual student’s potential abilities and qualification through holistic and creative education and, furthermore, contribute to build a healthy and happy society through young children’s sound development.

Our objectives are:

- to produce professional teachers who will be in charge of early childhood education and care of our nation
- to produce professionals of early childhood education and care field
- to produce researchers of early childhood education and care
- to produce administrators like school commissioners

Centennial Tradition

Department of Early childhood Education was the first department atChung-Ang University and it has a long history and great significance. ‘Chung-Ang Kindergarten’ was established in 1916 with a goal of improving the spirit of a nation through national capital and national education. In 1922, ‘The Kindergarten Teacher Certificate Program of Chung-Ang Kindergarten’ was established to produce early childhood education professionals, became accredited as ‘Chung-Ang Normal School’ in 1928, and was upgraded into an institution of higher education. Dr. Yim upgraded Chung-Ang Training School for Kindergarten Teachers to Chung-Ang Junior Women's College in October 1945, to Chung-Ang Women's College in 1947, and to Chung-Ang University, the first co-educational institution in Korea, in 1948. The root of Chung-Ang University is ‘Chung-AngKindergarten’ and it means that the Early Childhood Education Department atChung-Ang University has its identity and significance. In 2016, we celebrated the centennialanniversary of ‘Chung-Ang Kindergarten’ throwing an all-day academic conference, official ceremony with the formal reception, exhibitions in the kindergarten and the international seminar. And we are preparing another centennial as a leading department of the Early Childhood Education in Korea with quality programs and advanced researches.

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